The Daily Mail claimed to have obtained documents showing that recent hacking attacks on the websites of several British universities in Russia and Iran were aimed at obtaining information about the production of the drug or coronavirus vaccine. The newspaper also claimed that the hacker attacks had failed and that none had been successful.

A British intelligence source claims that cyber-attacks to steal scientific information have always been a common practice in the virtual world, but have intensified in recent months due to the widespread of coronavirus in the world. Accordingly, hackers try to infiltrate emails and servers to steal the scientific findings of scientists and doctors and provide this information to their country’s scientific centres.

Last week, Bill Ivanina, director of the National Center for Counterintelligence and National Security, warned US scientific and medical centres to beware of scientific thefts and hacker attacks.


“We have warned everyone about the threat of foreign intelligence services from using scientific findings, and we expect others, including hackers from the Chinese Communist Party, to seek the work of our scientists,” he told the BBC.

The British newspaper has accused the Russian and Iranian sides of hacking and has not provided any documents for it.

In many countries, scientists and doctors are trying to find a cure for the Coronavirus virus and the Covid-19 disease.

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