According to Viktor Orban, in recent weeks we have witnessed an “unprecedented attack and disinformation campaign against Hungary. At a time when we are fighting for a successful response to the coronavirus epidemic worldwide, when human lives are at stake, a coordinated attack has been launched against us without a real basis. I and my country have been attacked unfairly in the past on the basis of biased ideological propaganda, but the current one was the lowest and most cynical I have ever experienced. They deliberately ignored the fact that a government was being targeted to save lives, ”said the president of Fidesz.

In his letter, he stated that the participants in the coordinated political attack had spread false information and lies. “It has been rumoured that the Parliament is closed, even though it meets regularly and provides a venue for heated debates. They also claimed to have gained unlimited power for me. On the contrary, the powers of the National Assembly have been expanded to the detriment of the government. The National Assembly has become competent to put an end to the emergency and may even revoke any emergency measures, ”he wrote, adding that“ unfortunately not only our formal political opponents but also some EPP politicians have been actively involved in the dissemination of false news ”.

Viktor Orban recalled that the President of the European People’s Party, Donald Tusk, “dared to draw a parallel between the measures taken in Hungary and Carl Schmitt, a supporter and ideologue of the Nazi German regime”.


In a letter to the presidents of the EPP member organizations, the Prime Minister draws attention to the fact that the European Commission has meanwhile examined the measures in Hungary and stated unequivocally that these attacks are unfounded. “Věra Jourová, Vice-President of the European Commission, who cannot be accused of being biased towards Hungary and represents another party family, has stated on several occasions that the Hungarian law governing the government’s special powers during emergencies does not conflict with EU law. ”Wrote Viktor Orban.

The president of Fidesz recalled that the European Parliament condemned Hungary in a resolution on 17 April. “By including some lies in the text of the resolution, MEPs have made a mockery of themselves and their institution. The archives of the European Parliament will preserve them forever, ”said Viktor Orban, noting that the committee’s statement had rectified the political hysteria.

He added, “however, the damage caused cannot be repaired. Thank you to our true allies for staying true to the truth and standing by us, despite the pressure on them. And I expect those who joined the pseudo-newsgroups out of ignorance or malice to apologize to the Hungarian people and draw the appropriate conclusions, ”the Hungarian Prime Minister wrote in his letter.

Finally, the President of Fidesz explained: “We cannot allow our political opponents to expropriate the rule of law and tarnish this common value into a party political tool. We should decide soon: let them share and weaken us further or unite and remain the leading, conservative force in European politics. I wish you a lot of strength and wisdom for the challenging period ahead! ”

Bertalan Havasi told MTI: the letter was sent in English to 53 People’s Party presidents across Europe, in Hungarian to 4 party presidents and to the presidency of the Most / Híd Slovak-Hungarian joint party.

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