As per now, the pandemic COVID-19 or coronavirus has caused an uproar in over 200 countries. In such crises, the internet is serving as the major source for people to gain more information about the virus and the condition of people all over the world. Here, the role of social media is too high. Though it is helpful in several ways, it is the platform for widespread rumors as well. This creates some panic situations and confusion. Understanding such difficulties, the World Health Organization (WHO) has now announced to start an interactive service on the highly popular social media, Facebook messenger. Further, ETV Bharat Lockdown Updates is the way to get the necessary information and updates.

Why Facebook?

Generally, active Facebook users are high in countries like India. With this lockdown, the number still increased. As per the survey, on average, people are using social media on an average of 150 minutes per day and Facebook holds a significant portion of it.

Further, it is also the social media app where people under different age categories are found. So, WHO considered Facebook to launch such a chatbot.


What can these chatbots do?

The chatbot will offer an interactive service to curb the intensity of the growing rumors regarding the COVID-19 or coronavirus. People can ask any of their doubts to know some information about the virus or people affected by it. It will provide authentic information and the live condition for the people in the different parts of the world.

Who gives the information?

All this information is given by the WHO through the official Facebook pages. Here, the WHO’s Health Alert Service has also been made available live now. This helps the Facebook pages to offer accurate information about the virus on the messenger.

The social networking company Facebook has also said that WHO will have access to more than 1.3 billion active users who are now able to ask more questions and have instant replies regarding the pandemic COVID-19. This will help the people to know the exact scenario about worldwide happenings and they can be safer and alter the crisis.


Similar service to a chatbot

Similar to chatbots, Whatsapp also has presented with some series of options like travel advice, Mythbusters, latest numbers, and several others. The users have to reply to a number of allotted queries and receive some live updates on the virus. This chat on WhatsApp is helping more than 12 million people as per the report released by Facebook.

On the other hand, Facebook also launched a coronavirus community hub on messenger featuring all the important details on the COVID-19 information. It also offers some tips for the users to be safe from the deadly virus. This free messenger tool is offering the most people to offer support and keep them safe in these hard times.

As per now, more than 20 government health organizations have launched Messenger experiences like Argentina’s Ministry of Health, UNICEF, the Government of France, The Government of India, and Pakistan’s Ministry of National Health Services. however, the WHO’s health alert interactive services can be easy for the people to access through the Facebook Pages just by selecting and sending the message using the link from the messenger. In different regions, the virus has hit and created a huge impact. With this awareness and information through Facebook’s family of the app have increased more than 50% informed company.

Have the live updates

Further, you can also rely on some channels like ETV Bharat Live News to have some live updates on the pandemic COVID-19.

As there is no medicine found yet for the disease, the only way to fight against it is avoiding crowded places, washing hands frequently, being at home, knowing what is right and what is wrong with this issue, and most importantly following the norms formulated by the government and the healthcare professionals.

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