These developments come hours after the Libyan army affiliated with the Al-Wefaq government announced its control of the Yarmouk and Hamza camps in the project axis, south of Tripoli.

According to al-Maji’s statements to Anatolia earlier, the “Yarmouk” camp is one of the largest military security headquarters that were under the control of Haftar’s forces. The forces of Haftar penetrated, at the end of last year, in the sensitive and densely populated areas south of Tripoli, and took control of most neighborhoods and the main camps of Salah al-Din, and was no longer isolated from the historic Red Saray Castle in the Martyrs Square in the center of the capital, only a few kilometers away.

As for the most dangerous axis, it was represented in the Plateau Project, which was controlled by Haftar’s forces, and advanced from it to the outskirts of Abu Salim, the largest popular neighborhood in Tripoli.

After five months of fighting, the Al-Wefaq government forces managed, an attack launched on Friday morning, to expel Haftar forces from the Salah al-Din area. Al-Wafeq forces took control of Al-Takbali camp, the Police Officers College and the Criminal Investigation Headquarters, in addition to the Passports Authority, and was able to advance towards the Yarmouk Camp “Yarmouk axis”. And the liberation of large parts of the Axis of the plateau project.

The Al-Wefaq government forces also advanced in other axes south of the capital, such as the Ain Zara axis, and took control of several neighborhoods in it.

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