Russian Foreign Ministry reacts to US withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty. Washington, United States, Russia, NATO, Moscow, Treaty on Open Skies,

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that the US should not hope that they will receive data on the Open Skies Treaty after exiting it.

Note that Russia imposed restrictions in the Kaliningrad region and near the border with Georgia. NATO has already said that if Russia lifts such bans, the United States will return to the Treaty. NATO countries believe that Russia does not comply with the provisions of the Open Skies Treaty, and called on Moscow to return to full implementation of this treaty.


“”Washington would hardly have any reason to hope that, if released, it would retain access to all the information received within the framework of the DON,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued by the department’s press service.

Recall, it became known earlier that the US President’s Administration is holding consultations on the revision of the agreement between the United States and Russia on the reduction of offensive arms START-3. Against the extension of START-3 was the adviser to the US president on national security John Bolton, who no longer holds this position. He also supported the US withdrawing from yet another agreement with Russia – the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF).

The new Strategic Offensive Arms Reduction Treaty (START) entered into force on February 5, 2011, replacing the previous one, which expired in 2009. START-3 expires in 2021.