The frigate Admiral Grigorovich of the Russian Black Sea Fleet conducted an exercise to repel an attack by pirates in the Indian Ocean. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the head of the information support department of the Black Sea Fleet, captain of the 2nd rank Alexei Rulev.

The rescue tug “Professor Nikolai Muru” also participated in the exercises. According to the plan of the exercises, armed attackers on a boat tried to attack him. The role of a pirate ship went to the boat from the frigate.

“During the exercise, the surface observation post of the frigate Admiral Grigorovich discovered a small target moving at high speed toward the rescue vessel. After warning the personnel of the tugboat “Professor N. Muru” about taking security measures onboard, the frigate made a combat turn in the direction of the tugboat, ”Rulev said.


Since the “enemy” boat did not respond to the warning from the frigate and opened fire from machine guns in tow, the anti-terrorism group on the ship used weapons and stalled the boat.

The pirates laid down their arms and surrendered. The capture group neutralized them, after which the attackers were transferred to the border ship of the nearest foreign state.

“The exercise was carried out as part of testing the crews to protect and defend the squad of ships from potential threats,” added the representative of the Black Sea Fleet.


Earlier it was reported that “Admiral Grigorovich” first went to the Indian Ocean to “demonstrate the flag of Russia.””

In June 2017 and November 2016. the ship launched Caliber cruise missiles against terrorist groups in Syria.

The frigate is the lead ship of the 11356 series. It is built to strengthen the Black Sea Fleet. The frigate was laid in 2010 and launched four years later.

The length of the ship is about 125 meters, displacement – 3620 tons. It can reach speeds of up to 30 knots (54 km / h), cruising range – 4850 miles (about 8.9 thousand kilometers), autonomy – 30 days. The crew consists of 180 sailors and 20 marines.

The ship is armed with Caliber and Onyx missiles, as well as one 100 mm and two 30 mm artillery mounts and Igla and Verba portable anti-aircraft missile systems. He carries onboard a deck helicopter.

The Black Sea Fleet has two more ships of this series – “Admiral Essen” and “Admiral Makarov”.

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