Pope Francis said Sunday that the worst of the crisis that has caused this pandemic will “pass up drama” during his homily at the Mass of Pentecost celebrated in the Basilica of San Pedro.

Like during the rites of Holy Week, in the apse of the basilica, called “Cátedra de San Pedro”, before a few faithful distanced on the benches, Francisco celebrated the Pentecost mass, in which Catholics celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit.

The Argentine pontiff referred to the moment the world is experiencing and affirmed that the three enemies of this pandemic are “narcissism, victimism, and pessimism”.

“”In this pandemic, how much narcissism hurts, worrying about your own needs, indifferent to those of others, not admitting your own weaknesses and mistakes,” he said.

Pope Francis asks to invest in health to the heads of the nations of the world

For Francisco “in the drama that we live, how serious is victimhood! To think that there is no one who understands us and feels what we live.”

He described as “harmful” pessimism, “seeing everything black and repeating that nothing will ever be the same as before. When you think like this, what surely does not return is hope,” he said.

Francis then asked that we be freed “from the paralysis of selfishness and ignite in us the desire to serve, to do good.”

“Because worse than this crisis, it is only the drama of wasting it, closing in on ourselves, ” he added.

In his sermon, the pope referred to the Church and explained that “the temptation is always to want to defend one’s ideas through and through, considering them valid for all, and to get along only with those who think like us.”

He considered that sometimes the world sees the Church divided into “right and left” between “conservatives and progressives”, but that “the Spirit sees children of God “.

“The worldly gaze sees structures that must be made more efficient; the spiritual gaze sees beggar brothers and sisters of mercy,” he added and urged that we return “to the day of Pentecost and discover the first work of the Church: the proclamation.”

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