The world is currently developing 133 potential vaccines for coronavirus according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Clinical trials of 10 vaccines are already underway in the United States, Britain, and China, reports CNN.

The remaining 123 vaccines are in preclinical development. COVID-19 vaccines are being sought around the world, including at the University of Tokyo, Tulane University, the University of Alberta, and the University of Pittsburgh.

Worldwide, more than 6.2 million confirmed cases of coronavirus infection have been reported, at least 2.7 million people have recovered. More than 375 thousand patients died from complications caused by the COVID infection.

Trump says Coronavirus will disappear without any vaccine

America became the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. The United States leads in the number of infections and deaths – 1.8 million Americans fell ill, of whom more than 105 thousand died. In the second place, Brazil, where more than 526 thousand inhabitants fell ill with COVID-19, almost 30 thousand died.

Moderna, an American biotechnology company that is also developing a coronavirus vaccine, predicts that it will be ready for use in emergency situations in the fall.

Another vaccine developer, Novavax, said it plans to get permission for emergency use by the end of the year.

Note that over the past 25 years, US regulators have approved vaccines against only seven new diseases.

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