Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on large-scale protests that have not subsided in the United States and spread to Europe.

According to Zakharova, what is happening in the USA and Europe – they “get exactly what they sowed.” On the television channel Russia 1, the diplomat noted that it was the United States that promoted ideas and theses around the world related to the possibility of destabilizing the situation.

The reason for the riots was the death of a black George Floyd at the hands of the police, but now protesters are already putting forward more diverse slogans.

It is to be mentioned here that there are still some countries that do not support George Floyd Protest while they follow Trump’s political ideologies.

Why not even a single Anti-Racism rally in India? While protests worldwide

During the arrest, a police officer pressed Floyd’s neck with his knee to the ground. As a result, the man died, the video with the moment of detention was instantly distributed on social networks and provoked protests among the local population, which then spread to the entire United States.

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