On Saturday, the Palestinian Authority said that Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz must “end the occupation” and “stop the annexation process” before talking about negotiations.

This was stated in a Twitter Tweet by Hussein Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Civil Affairs Authority, member of the Central Committee of the Fatah Movement; In response to Gantz’s statements about his readiness to visit Ramallah for “negotiation”.

The Sheikh said: “Gantz must first think of ending the occupation, not of mobilizing his army to annex and consecrate its occupation.”

He continued: “He must believe in international legitimacy, not the legitimacy of force and the implementation of agreements signed, not turning his back on them.”

On Wednesday, Benny Gantz expressed willingness to negotiate directly and immediately with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, during his statements with military correspondents.

Gantz said that he is “ready for start dialogues in accordance with the political progress initiated by the United States, based on understandings that lead to the establishment of two entities and two states side by side, with an integrated economy and major Israeli security supremacy, along with Israeli control over the Jordan Valley, unified Jerusalem, and settlement blocs.”

Erekat calls on Arab countries to support Palestine with an interim loan of 100 million dollars per month

Recently, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his government’s intention to annex the Jordan Valley and all Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank to Israeli sovereignty, with an area reaching 30 percent of the West Bank.

In response, Mahmoud Abbas announced, that the PLO was in the process of dissolving agreements with Israel because of the annexation decision.

And many countries in the world warned of the risks of annexation to the peace process in the region.

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