President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, after returning from Moscow from the Victory Parade, announced the need to amend the Constitution of Belarus with a preliminary transfer of powers down.

The leader of the country promised changes but indicated that they should advance in a civilized manner. A statement by Lukashenko at the Belkali-Migao enterprise cited the Belta publication. The president promised that the development of the state will calmly go forward.

“I will not break the country through the knee, privatize, incline people. <…> Changes will be mandatory, and they should begin and go in a civilized manner, starting from the Constitution, ”Lukashenko said to the employees of the enterprise, reports The Eastern Herald.

The publication became aware that the president has already been presented with several options for the new Constitution. Lukashenko did not like these options, he called the changes in them not decisive enough. The head of state promised to redo the Basic Law in two years.

“People are simply afraid to make more drastic changes to the Constitution. I think we need to do this. Even before the adoption of the Constitution, we will generally do a lot in terms of transferring powers down to the chairmen of the district executive committees, the governor,” Lukashenko emphasized.

The president also said that a return to the 1994 Constitution is a backward movement.

Modern Belarusian statehood originates from the Statutes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, formed in 1529. However, the first Constitution appeared only in 1918, and now in force (sixth) in 1994. A significant impact on the original version of the 1994 Constitution was made by the official draft of the 1993 Constitution of the Russian Federation.

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