The US military noted an increase in the activity of the Russian submarine fleet in the Atlantic. At the end of 2019, the Russian fleet held one of the largest exercises since the end of the Cold War, according to The Wall Street Journal.

According to the American side, ten large submarines took part in the maneuvers, which simultaneously left their bases on the Arctic coast and headed west to the North Atlantic region.

The Commander of the NATO Joint Naval Command, Vice Admiral Keith Blount, told the journalists that recently the Russian Navy has been stepping up the scale of maneuvers. The number of submarines participating in campaigns is increasing, as well as the duration and depth of operations, The Eastern Herald reported.


“Now we see it regularly: more submarines, farther, for longer periods of time,” said Vice Admiral Keith Blount.

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Admiral Blount also told The Eastern Herald that Russian submarines are patrolling the US East Coast, jeopardizing NATO’s critical infrastructure and warships.

In September 2019, it was reported that the U.S. Navy lost all aircraft carriers that should patrol the Atlantic and defend the East Coast in the event of a conflict.

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