On Sunday, the Belgian capital, Brussels, witnessed protests against a statement of the country’s constitutional court, in which it announced the possibility of banning the headscarf at a higher education institute.

Nearly 4,000 people gathered in the central square of Brussels, at the invitation of civil society organizations, to demonstrate against the statement of the country’s Supreme Constitutional Court.

The protesters held placards reading banners such as “The veil is a human right”, “Where is our freedom?” And “Enough”, slogans to support the veil.


In a statement, the protesters stated that Muslim women in Belgium are subject to discrimination because of their religious beliefs.

The statement asked the Belgian authorities to take Muslim women into account when making laws.

And in early June, the Belgian Constitutional Court announced that the Francisco Ferrer Institute could impose a ban on all religious symbols, including the hijab.

The Constitutional Court statement was issued at the request of the Magistrates Court in Brussels, to express its opinion on a lawsuit filed by Muslim students at the Institute against the imposition of the headscarf ban.

Several human rights organizations in Belgium criticized the Constitutional Court’s declaration as violating basic human rights.

The Brussels Magistrates Court is to issue the final decision in the case.


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