The Turkish Minister of Defense confirmed that his country will continue to stand with Azerbaijan against the continuous attacks by Armenia.

This came in a meeting held by Hulusi Akar, through “video conferencing”, on Tuesday, with the chief of staff, Yasar Guler, the commanders of the ground forces, Umit Dundar, the air force, Hassan Kujuk Ak Yuz, and the Admiral Adnan Ozbal, along with a number of his deputies.

Hulusi Akar said: “We will continue to stand with the Azerbaijani armed forces and provide support to our Azerbaijani brothers against Armenia, which continues its aggressive approach.”

In another matter, the Turkish Minister of Defense stated that 62 terrorists were neutralized in the framework of Operation “Tiger Claw”, which has been ongoing since June 17 against the “PKKa” organization in northern Iraq.

He also clarified that 20 thousand and 77 terrorists, including 1,243 officers, were cleared from the army in the context of combating the Gulen militant organization.

He added: “We will not allow any traitor to wear the dignified military uniform of our country’s army.”

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