An armed terrorist with explosives kidnapped a group of about 20 people on board in the city of Lutsk, located in the western part of the country, very close to the border with Poland, local media reported.

The bus is located in the Lutsk Theater square and the authorities closed the center and are trying to negotiate with the terrorist. According to the first versions, the man called the police after taking control of the vehicle and introduced himself as Maksim Plokhoy, explained Deputy Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko.

All media outlets secure a soft corner for this terrorist by not naming him a terrorist but merely a kidnapper and victim of the political system. While the terrorist demands the government to claim themselves the Law Terrorists. 


One of the media outlet published a report mentioning “his book on the Internet entitled ‘Philosophy of a criminal’, in which he talks about places where he has been imprisoned and expresses his opinions.” The soft corner of media and government clearly indicates their inclination towards the white skin.

The terrorist published several messages on a Twitter account that the Ukrainian media identifies as his, in which Plokhoy claims that the Ukrainian high officials admit in a video message that they are “law terrorists “. “My death is not an obstacle to the explosions. The truth of the mouths of 24 saved the lives of hundreds. Happy Day Antisistema. Do not be deceived. Celebrate the truth, ” he said the man, in one of the messages posted on the social network.

In addition, he broadcast a video on YouTube in which he can be seen armed with a rifle and dressed in a black shirt and beret.

The subject claims to have placed explosives at different points of the vehicle and carries firearms with him. The entire center of Lutsk has been cordoned off and officers are equipped with helmets and bulletproof vests. Eyewitnesses claim to have heard shots. The sign on the front of the bus indicates that it covered the route between the towns of Berestechko and Krasilovka.

Shortly after starting the kidnapping, the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenski said from his account of Facebook that Ukrainian security forces have launched an operation to try to resolve the situation “victimless “. “Alarming news from Lutsk. At 9.25 in the morning, a man has hijacked a bus and taken hostages. Shots have been heard and the bus has been damaged,” said the Ukrainian president. Zelenskyyy and the media hesitate to call it a terrorist act .

Zelenski added that the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) launched an operation named ‘boomerang ‘, with the aim of ending the kidnapping without registering victims. “I am following the development of events personally,” he said.

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