Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias said today that the decision of former King Juan Carlos to leave the country due to an investigation into corruption is not worthy of the former head of state and thus compromises the monarchy.

– The departure of Juan Carlos abroad is an act that is not worthy of the former head of state and leaves the monarchy in a very compromising position – said the leader of the far-left party Podemos.

According to him, Carlos should be held accountable for any alleged violations in Spain and that the democratic administration cannot justify behaviors that violate the monarchy. Former King of Spain Juan Carlos I sent a letter to his son King Felipe VI a little earlier, that he was leaving Spain and that he would live in another country due to the financial scandal.

Carlos emphasizes that he does not want to complicate the role of his son as king. Since the beginning of the year, when the Spanish Supreme Court launched an investigation, the media have published numerous details from Switzerland’s investigation into the millions of euros that Carlos allegedly received from the late Saudi King Abdullah.

Carlos allegedly transferred a large amount to his friend, and investigators are considering the move as a possible attempt to hide funds from the authorities. The Royal Palace denies that Felipe was aware of his father’s financial irregularities. The statement said Felipe respected his father’s decision.

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