A new study by a group of British researchers provides new insight into common coronavirus symptoms in children and how they differ from those in adults, The Guardian reports.

Diarrhea, vomiting and stomach cramps could be the main symptoms of covid-19 in children, unlike what happens in adults, who initially have fever, cough and muscle pain.

The study, carried out by the Queen’s University Belfast, in Northern Ireland, has observed around 1,000 children with an average age of 10 years since May. All of them underwent an antibody test and their symptoms were studied.


Of the total number of minors observed, only 7% tested positive for antibodies, which indicates a previous coronavirus infection, with more than half of these cases being asymptomatic.

Of all the identified covid-19 cases, 76% of the symptomatic ones presented fever, cough, or changes in smell or taste; while in almost 97% they included gastrointestinal symptoms.

Based on these results, the researchers recommend that the official UK National Health Service (NHS) list of symptoms be updated, which only includes three: high temperature, new and ongoing cough, and loss or loss. change in your sense of smell or taste

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