Turkey, the state of Kosovo, called not to open an embassy for their country in Jerusalem. This came, in a statement issued by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, on Sunday, commenting on news circulating about Kosovo’s intention to open an embassy in Jerusalem, following an agreement it had with Israel to normalize and establish diplomatic relations.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry indicated that what is published through the social media accounts of the President of Kosovo, Hashem Taji, his Prime Minister, Avdullah Hoti, and his Foreign Minister, Melisa Harradinac Stubla, it is clear that Kosovo and Israel intend to recognize each other, as well as the commitment of the former to open an embassy in Jerusalem.

Turkey confirmed that the mere thought of Kosovo officials about this step, which is a clear violation of international law, leads to disappointment.


The statement indicated that Turkey, which is one of the first countries to recognize Kosovo, has provided great support for efforts to recognize it at the international level, but it does not find it right to build this process in a way that contradicts international law, especially the suffering of the Palestinian people, whose land is under occupation.

Ankara stressed that “it has been stressed repeatedly in many UN resolutions that the Palestinian conflict can only be settled through the establishment of an independent, sovereign, and geographically connected the State of Palestine, on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

It called on the leaders of Kosovo to abide by these decisions and to refrain from any step that would undermine the historical and legal status of Jerusalem.


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