Argentina enables swab centres to fight Coronavirus in 16 UPAs of Capital and La Banda
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“Due to the current situation of community transmission of COVID-19 and the dynamics of this pandemic, we are strengthening networking to guarantee access to care,” explained Dr. Martha Tarchini, director of APS of the Ministry of Health, after a working meeting with coordinators and supervisors of UPAs, CAPs and CAMs, all primary care centers of the Capital City and La Banda.

From the meeting in which the work plan was presented, the Director of Health of the Municipality of the Capital, Dr. Antonio Palomo, and the general supervisor of APS, Lic. Gonzalo Teran. The health centers selected to be “sentinel units” of swabbing in the Capital city are UPA 17 Borges (Zona North), UPA 5 Autonomy (Northwest Zone), UPA 8 Flores and CAPS Los Flores (Southwest Zone), UPA 21 Catholic, and UPA 3 Reconquista (Southeast Zone), UPA 4 Argentine Army and UPA 11 West Contreras Field (SOUTH Zone), CAPS Tradition (southwestern area), UPA 6 Sma Ta and UPA Mariano Moreno 2 (Southwest Zones), UPA 7 Parque Aguirre (West Zone), CAPS Fco. De Aguirre (Central Zone).

And from the city of La Banda: UPA 4 Miski Mayu (South Zone), UPA 3 Villa Griselda (Southeast Zone), and UPA 7 Los Lagos (North Zone).


There will be scheduled shifts to perform the test, two days a week in the afternoon when there is no longer movement of patients and in a suitable office with all the necessary biosafety standards.

Dr. Tarchini explained that a network of primary care centers will be prepared to perform the test, close to the place of life of the person with COVID symptoms, avoiding their displacement. She clarified that the swab “should always be indicated by the health personnel according to the protocol” and that is carried out in case the person presents two or more symptoms or is a close contact of a positive case.”

The swab is not an emergency, “he stressed,” it can be programmed. The urgency is isolation”, indicated the director. Lic. Teran referred to the way in which patients with suspected COVID can arrive to perform the diagnostic test at the UPAs. “Patients can arrive through the COVID clinic of each of the UPAs, by referring other UPAs to the sentinel UPAs, through the 107 and through the Secretariat of Epidemiology where many patients are referred,” he said.

After the diagnosis, the people detected by each UPA are monitored and monitored. “Governor Dr. Zamora is very concerned and is taking care of the most vulnerable families,” said Tarchini, who commented that much work is being done “to contain families at risk, a social and sanitary containment, together with social development, monitoring address above all to the most vulnerable families who are in sanitary isolation. ”The word of the UPAs coordinators Dr. Lucia Lami, coordinator of Barrio Reconquista said that new strategies are being adopted to accompany the demand for swab tests from the UPAs to facilitate the controls and monitoring of all people who are COVID positive.

The UPA has the infrastructure and will be one of the sentinels of the network. Lic Graciela Rebullida, the coordinator of the UPA Autonomy, said that the “support that we have been doing to cut the chain of infections continues.

We are going out to look for symptomatic patients and now we will incorporate swabs and accompaniment to families with positive COVID in our coverage area.” “Above all, we ask the community to exercise caution and use the preventive measures that we are asking for. This is the vaccine we have today”, he concluded.

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