Abazovic, with his raised tone and often aggressive answers, tried to convince the public of what he himself does not believe in, according to the Democratic Party of Socialists

The views of Dritan Abazovic, presented in an interview with the Public Service, confusing and contradictory, showed that there is no politics behind him, no program, but that he is a member of the business-political lobby who for years, at any cost – even the disappearance of Montenegro Up and trampling on her identity – without any ideological principles and scruples, part of the government in Montenegro wants, the DPS announced.

With his raised tone and often aggressive answers, Abazović tried to convince the public of what he himself does not believe in that with his 4 deputies, that is, 7 times less power than the nationalist, Greater Serbia bloc embodied in the coalition of Andrija Mandic, Milan Knezevic, Marko Milacic, managed to direct the foreign and domestic policy of Montenegro and keep it on the course of Euro – Atlantic values. It is clear that Abazovic does not believe that this is possible either, but the obvious and certain consequences of his mentors’ greed – the gradual change in the character of the Montenegrin state, the disruption of stability and interethnic harmony, the announcement of Montenegro’s clericalization – do not affect him at all. ” statement.

According to the DPS, he finds justification for his own role in this “project” in “exchanging theses and telling untruths, such as that the current government participated in all war crimes in the former Yugoslavia.”

Although Abazovic only clumsily reproduces the views of his mentors, he is still surprised that he agreed to go to the domestic and regional media and repeats this nonsense to the astonishment of those familiar with the situation in the region and those who remember that Montenegro was a refuge for over 180,000, refugees from Kosovo, Abazovic’s compatriots; that Montenegro and its leadership, led by Milo Djukanovic, provided refuge for all those persecuted by the Milosevic regime, despite constant threats and actions by the sinister Seventh Battalion, whose members were recruited by Dritan Abazovic’s current coalition partners.

The attempt to justify before the citizens of Montenegro, by comparing the DF with the right-wing, nationalist party AFD, is so inappropriate and shows Abazovic’s hypocrisy or absolute ignorance. This party is in opposition in Germany, and its controversial views have no influence on the creation of the state policy of the Federal Republic of Germany. That is why Abazovic’s cunning to bring his shameful act of collaborating with parties that celebrate Chetnik ideology, intimidate and attack national minorities, glorify other countries and do not recognize their own, under some normal European practice, cannot pass and represents only a futile underestimation of the intelligence of viewers. ” statement.

As they say, Abazovic and his URA have nothing green, civil, or Montenegrin.

All these were pre-election baits used to deceive some voters, who for various reasons do not agree with the policy of the current state leadership, and to give their votes to the clerical, nationalist option that does not hide that it dreams of a “Serbian world”, halved Montenegrins and the domination of one nation. All this is clear and much less politically literate than Dritan Abazovic. That is why his role is even more dishonorable.

“The Democratic Party of Socialists, as the single strongest party in Montenegro, will regularly expose any such and similar attempts at hypocrisy, exchange of theses or open lies in order to hide the true role of URA – the Trojan horse of Greater Serbian nationalism,” the statement reads.

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