Most of those detained have already been released

On Saturday, September 19, 430 people were detained at protest actions in Belarus, reports Most of them were detained in Minsk, where a traditional women’s march took place on Saturday.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus says that 11 protest actions were held across the country on Saturday, in which about 900 people took part. In addition to Minsk, there were detentions at rallies in Mozyr, Vetka, and Lida.

A total of 415 people were detained in the Belarusian capital. 385 detainees have already been released, 45 people are still in custody. Most of those detained were women. The women’s march started on Saturday from the Komarovsky market. Initially, law enforcement agencies did not interfere with the march, but arrests soon began. The first to fall into the hands of the police was 73-year-old activist Nina Baginskaya, who was later released after arriving at the Soviet police station.

An unauthorized action is taking place in Minsk again. Armored vehicles were brought into the city center.

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