The president of Brazil once again strained the relationship with the government of Alberto Fernandez.

In a message provided on the Facebook Live platform, the president of the neighboring country said that he fears that a situation “similar to that of Roraima” will occur in Argentina, referring to the state bordering Brazil with Venezuela, where they entered in the last years a large number of citizens who left the nation governed by Nicolas Maduro.

“Even with the anger of many, left responsible for the failure of that country returned to power. And they are going quickly towards a regime similar to Venezuela”, said Bolsonaro on Argentina.

Already in August of last year, during the campaign for the PASO, the Brazilian president had expressed his support for the reelection of Mauricio Macri and slipped the possibility that if that did not happen, the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, which borders Argentina would experience a situation like that of Roraima.

At that time, Bolsonaro said: “We do not want our Argentine brothers fleeing here.”

It is estimated that at the peak of the exodus of Venezuelan citizens (2016-2017), some 2,000 entered Brazil per day through the border with Roraima.

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