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Situation in Kyrgyzstan – Ministry of Health reports that there are more than 600 injured and one casualty

In Bishkek, as a result of mass riots and clashes with the police, one person died, another 686 turned to doctors for professional help. Reported by press service of the Ministry of Health…

Of the total number of victims, 521 people were sent for outpatient treatment, and 164 were hospitalized with various injuries.

“Of these, seven victims are in intensive care. One victim died, ”the department said.

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Let us remind you that on Monday, October 5, after the announcement of the preliminary results of the elections to the parliament of Kyrgyzstan, mass protests began. The protesters demand to cancel the voting results and hold re-run elections. From 12 parties that lost the elections, representatives of 11 came out to protest.

The mass protests escalated into riots and clashes between the protesters and the police, during which the security forces used tear gas and stun grenades. In response, the protesters threw stones and Molotov cocktails at the security forces.

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