The Municipality started the plantation of jacarandas to increase the forest heritage on Independencia avenue

Operators from the Urban Trees of the Capital began planting jacaranda trees along Avenida Independencia, between Alsina and Solís, to reinforce the forest heritage in that road corridor that connects the center with the southern zone.

On this occasion, more than 200 trees will be placed that will be added to enhance the landscape and at the same time reinforce the shady sectors for the future.

The jacaranda is a tree that has fast growth, with a spherical crown, which can reach a height of more than four meters and a diameter of 4 to 6 meters of its crown. They usually bloom twice a year and are blue in color.


These plantations are added to those completed on Belgrano avenue, where the municipal employees planted 400 lapachos, from Lugones to the intersection with Solís.

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