Spain, leader of Group 4, will receive in Madrid Switzerland, which closes the positions, in the outgoing game of the seven that will be played tomorrow for the third date of the UEFA Nations League.

Spain has four points (a win and a draw) and is the only leader of Group 4 in Zone A. They are followed by Ukraine (3) and Germany (2), who will also meet this Saturday in Kiev. Switzerland adds 1.

Tomorrow’s match program is as follows:


Group 4: Spain-Switzerland and Ukraine-Germany.


Group 1: Luxembourg-Cyprus and Montenegro-Azerbaijan.


Group 1: Faroe Islands-Latvia and Andorra-Malta.

Group 2: Liechtenstein-Gibraltar.

The UEFA Nations League brings together all the teams in Europe in four zones (A, B, C and D) defined by ranking.

The first three have 16 teams divided into four groups, and D is made up of the seven worst selected on the continent.

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