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Over the past day, almost 14 thousand new cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the UK. After that, Prime Minister Boris Johnson introduced a new system of restrictions to avoid introducing a nationwide lockdown.

As Reuters writes, Johnson announced a new three-tiered system in an attempt to standardize the patchwork quilt of the often complex and convoluted restrictions imposed across England. Parliament must vote for the new system.

So, as early as Wednesday, October 14, Lockdown will include the closure of pubs and bars in areas placed on a “very high” alert. The other levels in the new system are “medium” and “high”.

Gyms, entertainment centers, bookmakers, adult gaming centers, and casinos will also be closed in areas of the highest risk category.

Most areas of England will be moved to medium alert, meaning current restrictions will continue, including a 10 pm hospitality curfew.

But areas that already have local restrictions on visiting will be automatically set to a “very high” level.

The Liverpool borough will be the first borough to go into very high alert levels.

At the same time, Johnson also said that all retail outlets, schools, and universities will remain open.

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