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Turkey proves the false claims of Greece that it has an invisible submarine

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Photo: Turkish Defense

By taking pictures of it, the Turkish naval forces proved false claims made by Greece about its possession of an “invisible” submarine.

And security sources reported, “The naval forces succeeded in taking pictures of the Greek submarine, which led to refuting Athena’s account.”

Greek news sites claimed that “a type 214 submarine belonging to the Navy, which is operating in the eastern Mediterranean without being aware of it by Turkish ships and aircraft.”

The security sources confirmed that these allegations do not reflect the truth at all, explaining that the Turkish naval forces monitor the activities of the submarine in the eastern Mediterranean without interruption.

The Turkish Navy also released footage of the submarine performing activities in broad daylight and at night hours, in the eastern Mediterranean.

The eastern Mediterranean region is experiencing tension, as Greece continues to take unilateral steps with the Romanian side of the island of Cyprus and some countries in the region regarding areas of maritime jurisdiction.

Athens also neglects to deal positively with Ankara’s offer to negotiate issues related to the eastern Mediterranean, the Aegean, and find just solutions to the problems.

Meanwhile, the Turkish side renews its firm stance towards taking the necessary measures against unilateral steps.

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