This Friday, October 23, secret military exercises under the command of the US Armed Forces ended in Germany. Stars and Stripes reported about it.

The report says that the main goal of the exercises was to re-create mobilization forces in the event of a military threat from Russia.

Training The 2021 Austere Challenge has continued over the past week, Major General John Boyd, EUCOM Exercise and Evaluation Director said. He added that 4,400 NATO and US troops were involved in the action.

“They (the teachings – ed.) Are broad in scope. It would be fair to say that we are working on a myriad of problems,” Boyd said.

It is noted that the response to a likely threat was worked out on land, sea, air, cyber and outer space.

“The training is taking place at a time of widespread military concern about the threat from Russia,” the newspaper said.

The United States will strengthen its coast guard in the Pacific Ocean with additional rapid response boats, to stop illegal fishing in China, said US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien.

According to the adviser, the PRC is not only secretly engaged in unregulated fishing in the ocean but also pursues ships of other countries fishing in the exclusive economic zones of the Indo-Pacific region. As O’Brien noted, China’s actions threaten the sovereignty of the United States and its Pacific neighbors and threaten regional stability.

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