A new technology telescope from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) has taken pictures of three planets in the solar system. These pictures mark the reopening of the observatory to a limited extent following suspension related to the novel coronavirus pandemic, reported on the ESO website. ..

It is noted that the images of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn were made during testing of the multifunctional receiver NTTEFOSC2. Light orange, yellow, and reddish tints of planetary images are due to overlapping images captured with five different filters.

In the presented image, the images are combined in one image. Moreover, the relative sizes of the planets are proportional to their angular sizes in the earth’s sky. That is why Mars looks so big and bright – during the photographing, it is in opposition, that is, the Earth at this moment is located just between Mars and the Sun.



Previously, scientists using the Mars Express radar found out that under a thick layer of ice on the south pole of Mars can be not only a lake with liquid water but also many smaller bodies of water. These reservoirs are separated from the main lake by land bridges.

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