While the next step will be to be worthy of her own set of wings, for the time being, Ashelena is running in the right social circles.

In California, a healthy lifestyle and mental well-being go hand in hand. There is also a huge range of exercise classes available in CA. Here, exercise isn’t simply a means to an end. It’s for the experience, for fun and personal fulfillment too. However, on the golden coast, when your workout routine becomes, well, routine…you shake it up. There’s a lot more to do in a place like California. One such example of a living-being is Ashelena Ragg, a fitness model based in Huntington Beach, CA.

Ashelena Ragg, California, United States, Fashion, Fitness, Fitness Model, Interview, Social media,
Ashelena Ragg

Ashelena Ragg and her skincare routine

Ashelena Ragg is considered one of the most inspiring female fitness model based out of CA. Her skincare routine is minimal but very attentive. Moreover, it actually doesn’t differ much from her routine.

“I’m naturally pretty flamboyant; I smile really big and cheesy a lot, and I like to click pictures, I just want to be successful in life and where I am at in everything I do,” Ashelena told in a recent interview.

Ashelena, California, United States, Fashion, Fitness, Fitness Model, Interview, Social media
Ashelena Ragg

Ashelena speaks about timeless beauty and social media

I’m trying to stay focused as we go along. I think timeless beauty is not only about fashion, it’s not even about the trend. I think a lot of that has as much to do with what people are from the inside and what they do.

How do you spend most of your day?

I spend most of my day working out and working on things to better myself every day, whether that is working for anyone or anything else. Always striving to better me.

How are you different from other people in your niche?

Some people just quit before they even reach the road to success. However, as for me, I always go that extra mile to make sure I stand out – In everything, I do in my life.

Do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly?

I work in the sales field, so yes I love communication! It is something that I need in my life. Moreover, I need to make new relationships and I love building relationships and try to make them strong.

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