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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden prepares to declare himself president-elect.

As writes CNN citing sources at the Democrat’s headquarters, he is expected to make an appeal in the coming hours.

Biden is reported to be delivering an address in the afternoon or evening of November 6. According to sources, his team intends to act quickly and announce a transition period. It is also reported that Biden wants to immediately switch to President-elect mode.


CNN also notes that Biden’s team has been preparing a transitional period for several months, but the urgency of such a plan is explained by the fact that the current President Donald Trump questions the legitimacy of the elections.

CNN also notes that amid reports that US President Donald Trump does not plan to “surrender” in the elections, Joe Biden’s campaign headquarters warned that Trump could be forcibly expelled from the White House.

“As we said on July 19, the American people make the decision in this election. And the United States government is quite capable of getting the perpetrators out of the White House,” Bates said, apparently referring to the Republican president.

Bates made the announcement in response to reports that Trump does not plan to admit defeat if Biden is recognized as president-elect on Friday.

On Thursday, Trump urged stop counting votes and do not count ballots received by mail after the closing of polling stations. This year there are a record number of such votes. Also, Trump’s headquarters demanded count votes in Wisconsin where Biden won.

Elections for the President of the United States, the House of Representatives, and the Senate – the upper and lower houses of Congress, respectively – were held on November 3. Voices are still being processed. More about the US elections follow in our special topic…

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