The candidacy of Donald Trump, the outgoing President of the United States , has in recent days sent a number of e-mails and messages to supporters of the President, urging them to support the candidacy financially in the legal battle over last week’s presidential election. However, it seems that almost none of the money that people contribute to the candidacy actually goes to legal costs.

The small print of the site where people give money to Trump says, according to a Reuters report , that a large part of the money sent by his supporters goes to a political action committee set up on Monday called Save America . Another part goes to the Republican National Committee and according to the election law, both the fund and the national committee can spend the money as they see fit.

The Action Committee receives 60 percent and the National Committee 40 percent of all budgets under $ 8,000.


Action committees such as these are often set up by politicians and others involved in US politics to provide money to other candidates and even pay their own expenses such as travel expenses and hotel bills.

The money to be spent on the legal battle could just as well end up in the funds of other politicians.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that there has been widespread electoral fraud, without providing evidence. In private, senior Republicans say the only goal is to ensure the loyalty of Trump supporters and make it easier for him to accept the loss.

Lawyers for Trump’s candidacy went to a judge in Michigan yesterday, demanding that officials there be barred from confirming the election results. Joe Biden now leads Trump in the state by 148,000 votes.

Trump’s candidacy had, according to the Washington Post, promised “striking” evidence of electoral fraud in the case file. Instead, they presented 238 pages of oath-taking statements by Republican-appointed regulators.

Complain about behavior

The statements almost entirely related to the accusations that have been refuted and even to the fact that the person in question was treated rudely. In addition, the complaints only concern several hundred ballots at most. Nearly all of the complaints concerned the counting and staffing of the Detroit Electoral Commission, where most voters are black.

One Republican official wrote an affidavit stating that a man of “threatening size” had been too close to him. Another said that the intercom system used by enumerators to issue announcements had made it difficult for him to concentrate.

One more said he saw soldiers’ ballots marked Joe Biden. He had heard that soldiers were conservative, so he found it strange.

Some complained that election officials had been wearing clothes marked with the Black Lives Matter movement. One woman also complained that she had been called “Karen”.

Detroit Free Press tells the story of two Republicans and lawyers who wanted to monitor the count. They were both denied access by police officers who said the facility was full. One of them, James Frego, put his foot in front of the door so police officers could not close it.

He said he would not move his leg until police officers told him exactly how many people were watching the count. He was eventually arrested for disobeying police orders.

Frego complained and that complaint is one of the sworn statements mentioned above.

The regulators were appointed by the Republican Party and received little or no training in the voting process. One interviewee from the Washington Post said that the training had taken about twenty minutes.

Trump team due not well in court

Trump has filed a number of lawsuits in recent days in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and Arizona. According to a summary by the AP news agency it has had little success. One case has been settled in Philadelphia, where a judge allowed Republican regulators to stand closer to people counting votes.

In one case, a judge asked one of Trump’s attorneys plainly if he had found any evidence of electoral fraud. The answer was no.

According to the AP, it appears that the Trump teams’ complaints have been thrown together in a short time and they contain spelling and typing errors.

Judges have so far shown great suspicion in these cases.

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