A lawsuit filed by US President Donald Trump over the Pennsylvania election results could not possibly be overturned after the candidacy dropped most of its allegations of alleged electoral fraud. Nevertheless, the president still insists on acknowledging defeat.

The candidacy’s lawyers presented changes to their case before a federal court yesterday. They no longer claim that election commissioners have violated the constitutional rights of the candidacy by restricting the access of its observers to the counting of votes, according to the Washington Post.

They initially demanded that 682,479 by-election votes counted without their supervisors’ access have not been confirmed.


The policy now only focuses on allegations that the decision of counties where Democrats are in power to allow voters to correct errors that would otherwise invalidate their ballots has been passed down to Republicans illegally. County officials say there are only a handful of votes.

This contradicts repeated claims by President Trump and his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, that more than 600,000 votes will be invalidated in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh as a result.

Tom Wolf, the Democratic governor of Pennsylvania, has said that observers from all parties have been allowed to watch the count and allegations are false. In fact, Trump’s lawyers have admitted in court that they had inspectors at the time of the count.

No effect on the final results

The candidacy still requires a judge to stop confirming the results of the Pennsylvania election. Democrat candidate Joe Biden was declared the winner of the state on Saturday a week ago, which secured his victory in the presidential election of President Trump.

Democrat lawyer Cliff Levine says the Trump candidacy lawsuit can in no way affect the outcome. At least 70,000 votes went to Biden and Trump in Pennsylvania.

“Right now we are only talking about a few votes. “They would have no effect at all on the final count or Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump,” he asserts.

Democrat Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar has demanded that a judge dismiss the case, according to the Associated Press.

However, Trump’s candidacy is not ready to put his accusations of the vote in Pennsylvania completely on the shelf. Tim Murtaugh, the candidacy’s communications director, told the Washington Post that there was still a “strong argument” that as many as 700,000 votes had been counted as “secret”. Inspectors have not been given sufficient access to counting and this is still being argued in the policy.

Democrats claim to have “changed” millions of votes

Despite significant backlash from the Trump candidacy to overturn the results of the recent presidential election, Trump has stuck to his guns. On Twitter, he continues to make unsubstantiated allegations of large-scale electoral fraud. No credible evidence has been presented that major fraud has been committed, and the Trump administration has said the election was the safest.

Last night, the president claimed, for example, that Democrats had “changed” millions of votes without further justification. In recent days, he has repeatedly spawned conspiracy theories that electoral software used in some states has somehow altered the votes cast for him. There is no basis for such theories.

For years, Trump has raised baseless allegations of widespread electoral fraud in the United States. After winning the 2016 presidential election, he claimed, for example, that millions of people had voted illegally and therefore had not received a majority of the national vote. There is no evidence to support this claim.

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