Home Foreign Affairs Post-Brexit exclusion of Falkland Islands disappoints it’s citizens

Post-Brexit exclusion of Falkland Islands disappoints it’s citizens

From the archipelago, they highlighted that the deal is "dirty and unfair" since it leaves them without commercial and tax benefits.

Post-Brexit exclusion of Falkland Islands disappoints it's citizens

The inhabitants of the Malvinas Islands expressed their rejection and “disappointment” at their exclusion from the post-Brexit agreement between the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom, which leaves the archipelago without commercial, tax, and customs benefits in the exchange with that community bloc, and they complained of the “dirty and unfair” treatment that the British Government gave them.

First, the Legislative Assembly of the Malvinas Islands maintained that its representatives were never in “a position to negotiate directly” on their “own behalf.”

“Therefore our first challenge was to get UK Government officials to understand the impact a no-deal Brexit would have on the Falkland Islands. We did this by engaging with local stakeholders and by publishing three reports that we shared with the Government of the United Kingdom, ” stated the Assembly in a request published in the Falkland Islands newspaper Penguin News.

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