In Thailand, a former civil servant was sentenced to 43 years in prison for committing an offense under Article 112 of the country’s criminal code – “Insulting the monarchy.”

The judges saw the woman’s guilt in the fact that in 2015 she posted 29 videos criticizing the royal power in Thailand on YouTube and Facebook. Soon the woman was detained; She spent three years in a temporary detention center, from where she was able to be released on bail only in 2018.

Initially, the court sentenced her to 87 years in prison, but after she expressed “remorse” for what she had done, the term was cut in half.

Observers noted that the author of the “criminal” podcasts was also arrested, but received only 10 years in prison. After the man pleaded guilty, his sentence was reduced to five years.

The ex-official’s verdict could be a record for cases of insulting the monarchy. Previously, the longest term under Article 112 of the Criminal Code was a sentence to a man who was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Later, when the convict expressed remorse, the term was reduced to 15 years.

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