Today, Saturday, the Egyptian authorities released the correspondent of the “Al-Jazeera” satellite network, Mahmoud Hussein, after he had been detained for more than four years, according to the lawyer for the journalist’s family.

Lawyer Gamal Eid said that Hussain was released from a police station this afternoon, a few days after a court decision to release him on parole pending investigations into accusations of spreading false news and belonging to a banned group.

The lawyer added that Hussain would have to go to the nearest police station twice a week.

Hussein’s daughter, Al-Zahraa, confirmed the news of his release via a Facebook post and said that her father had arrived at the house. Al-Jazeera also reported his release.

Hussein, an Egyptian who works for the satellite network based in Qatar, was detained at Cairo airport in December 2016 upon his arrival from Doha to spend a vacation with his family, according to Al-Jazeera.

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