President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko proposed to put on alert duty in the republic aircraft of the Aerospace Forces of Russia.

“Give us these planes. But on these planes, as then, the Russians and Belarusians should fly together. And there are enough bases, they do not need to be created. Why waste money. Better to buy or build new aircraft for this, ”Lukashenka said at a meeting on military cooperation with Russia. He is quoted by the news agency Sputnik Belarus.

The Belarusian leader recalled that the two countries already have experience of joint patrolling – for example, during the 2014 Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk.

The Belarusian head of state also spoke about the talks he had with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on February 22 in Sochi. According to him, Minsk will continue to coordinate defense and foreign policy issues with Moscow.

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