Mohammed bin Salman, a great inspirer not only for the Saudis but also for all those who look up to the sky. MBS gave Saudis a great concept in managing success, growing determination, and high goals.

These indiscriminate wars that target him and the malicious campaigns are nothing but a clear and sure indication of his greatness to a point that everyone can see and hope to reach with what he has acted and accomplished.

A great change that Mohammed bin Salman brought about in everything was impressive and influential and its fruits are being reaped. The support that the various cultural and art activities received from MBS has made Saudi Arabia an advanced power at all levels, and perhaps his support for “MiSK” is still blooming to this day with the spirit of creativity and humanity.

What is MiSK?

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation(MiSK) is a non-profit foundation instituted by MBS in 2011 to promote and empower Saudi youth to become active participants in the future economy of the region.

The MiSK organization has become an active pillar in society, full of targeted programs that magnify the spirit of Arab nationalism and build the future for youth, by fostering knowledge, developing skills, and sponsoring programs, and has received full support from the crown prince MBS – to empower Saudi talents. Positively for individuals and society, it kept pace with learning, development, and progress in the fields of business, literary and cultural fields, social sciences, and technology, and adopted the establishment of incubators to develop, create and attract high-level institutions, and provide an attractive regulatory environment.

MiSK focused on three areas in particular; It is “culture”, believing that spreading culture is the ladder of ascending towards renaissance and progress. It launched cultural projects aimed at the joints of development in the body of the youth community, then “media”, to develop media skills and “education” that MiSK Charity worked to support through Establishing and sponsoring schools and academies that are distinguished by international educational standards, such as MiSK schools and Riyadh schools.

Involvement of the crown prince MBS and support for culture is not merely the plans. The heritage was given special importance, and he was keen on the importance of designating the elements of intangible cultural heritage in the list of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) because these elements represent a heritage value that reflects the cultural depth of the Arabian Peninsula, the heritage and culture sector received special support that enabled by enhancing national heritage elements in the UNESCO list of great global value, as Mohammed bin Salman stands behind all the cultural, artistic and heritage achievements that are today witnessed to the world.

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