Traditional Italian food is central to traditional Italian family life. And the real good Italian food is made using the traditional methods. The main focus always remains on the quality of the food – and not how elaborate a dish might be. There are many chefs in Italy working on a day-to-day basis on inventing new Italian recipes. However, one of the chefs who should be considered for this great cause is Cristian Marino, an experienced chef from Italy.

One of the foremost proponents of progressive Italian cuisine, Cristian Marino is regarded as something of a true-pioneer.

There’s a lot that needs to be learned from this chef with over 20+ years of experience

Cristian has an experience of over 20 years in Gastronomy. Cristian started working in his school days while he was studying in Piedmont – Stresa, Italy.

He has also worked in the Silversea Cruise Ship through which he was able to discover more than 30 countries from Russia to Asia as a Chef de Parties. He has also worked as an Italian Chef De Cuisine in Spain for 2 restaurants within a prestigious hotel in ‘Costa Blanca’. Then he joined Radisson Blu and InterContinental in Europe and worked as an Executive Chef in these hotels. After that, he went to work at Marriott International, East Java-Indonesia, to work as a Complex Executive Chef for two pre-opening hotels, then he worked on his ‘CM Menu’ service, and finally now he has become the Italian Chef consultant for the global hospitality market.

Cristian has also has won fame in Italy and Dubai for his innovative treatment of traditional recipes, and his delicious, often playful food has earned him recognition among the world’s greatest chefs. Perhaps this should come as no surprise, since Cristian witnessed the birth of modern Italian cuisine first-hand in the kitchen of his parents’, in Calabria. Either way, his respect for the Italian tradition, combined with his sharp sense of modernity, ensures the future of Italian cuisine is in very worthy hands. Cristian’s cooking is something very technical, unique, meticulous, delicate, and original kitchen.

There’s a great news for everyone!

As we all know that Chef Cristian Marino recently announced that he is going to launch his new book soon!

The book will be available globally by the end of March – 2021 and can be found on Amazon. You can simply search for the author’s name (Cristian Marino) in the search box to look out for the book.

Cristian explains his past 365 days spent during the pandemic in his upcoming book

In this book, Cristian has covered his experience during the pandemic.

“Speaking of the situations I was left in during the pandemic should be shown to this whole world.” – Cristian Marino.

Cristian also describes 12 recipes that he had cooked during the lockdown and also features his incident when he was held as a victim of human rights violations in Kuala Lumpur. He also posted a video on his Facebook after this terrible incident at the Malaysian airport.

And even more importantly, you will also get to know the secret behind Cristian Marino’s lemon and prawn risotto which you can also find in the book.

You can go follow – Chef Cristian Marino on his IG ID @chefcristianmarino

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