On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden delivered a speech while in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in which he revealed details related to his proposed plan to improve US infrastructure and switch to more environmentally friendly tools.

The Biden plan has a cost of about $ 2 trillion and will be implemented over the next eight years.

Biden touched at the beginning of his speech on the crisis of the outbreak of the new Coronavirus in the country, saying that “the pandemic is raging and more than 547 thousand Americans have died of the virus.”

During his speech, the US President stressed the need to support the middle class, praising the role of unions in their continued existence, saying: “I support the unions that built the middle class in our country.”

“It’s the middle class that built America, not Wall Street,” Biden said.

Biden also made his forecast for the growth of the US economy during the coming period, by more than 6 percent.

“Our economy has become unbalanced and it is time to fix this situation,” he said.

Biden pointed out that his new plan “includes modernizing the transportation infrastructure,” stressing, “We will repair 20 thousand miles of American roads,” which are “in a bad situation.”

“The plan provides jobs to solve transportation problems and repair infrastructure,” he said.

Speaking of the necessity of resorting to environmentally friendly means of obtaining energy, he added that the authorities would provide “incentives for American families in the event that they use electric cars.”

He also indicated the need to provide “clean drinking water for children and protect them from water pollution.”

Biden promised that the plan would lower internet prices for American families.

On the importance of the plan, Biden said that it would allow the United States to “win the global competition with China,” especially as it would work to provide “millions of jobs with good returns” for Americans.

In his speech, the US President also pointed out that “four years ago, the tax cuts” only benefited “the wealthy of the country.”

He reiterated what he had promised during his election campaign, saying that his administration would not increase “taxes on those whose income is less than 400 thousand dollars” annually.

He pointed out that “big companies like Amazon do not pay their taxes,” a matter that sparked controversy in the United States recently.

Biden stressed that “the partisan division must not impede my plan to reform the infrastructure in the United States,” in a call for approval of his plan, which will be subject to review by members of Congress.

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