Russian army in the Arctic - CNN
Sattelite Image (Source: CNN)

Russia is accumulating an unprecedented military force in the North Pole and testing the latest weapons in an attempt to secure its north coast and bring under its control a key sea route from Asia to Europe, CNN writes today.

Weapons experts and Western officials have expressed particular concern over Russia’s “super-weapon” – the Poseidon 2M39 torpedo. The development of that torpedo was accelerated at the request of President Vladimir Putin in February, it was reported in the Russian state media.

This “stealth torpedo” is powered by a nuclear reactor, and it is intended to pass under the coastal defence, such as the American one, by sailing fast on the seabed.

According to Russian officials, the torpedo is intended for multi-megaton nuclear warheads, which can cause radioactive waves that would make parts of the affected coast uninhabitable for decades.

In November, Christopher Ford, then US Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Non-Proliferation, said Poseidon was designed to “flood the U.S. coastal cities with a radioactive tsunami.”

The head of Norway’s intelligence service, Vice Admiral Nils Andreas Stensones, told CNN that the service assessed that “Poseidon” was “part of a new type of nuclear deterrent” and that it was “in the testing phase”.

Satellite photos obtained by CNN from technology company Maxar show in detail the rapid and continuous construction of Russian military bases and the installation of equipment on Russia’s Arctic coast, along with underground storage facilities, probably for Poseidon and other new high-tech weapons.

Russia’s arsenal in the Middle North includes MiG31BM bombers and planes and new radar systems off the coast of the American peninsula of Alaska.

It is believed that the competition between Russia and NATO, ie the USA, is underway, because the American B-1 Lancer bombers are stationed at the Norwegian air base Erland, and in August last year, American officials admitted that they were in that area as well. stealth ”submarine“ Seawolf ”.

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