An intelligence report reveals the
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A US intelligence report said, Tuesday, that China’s pursuit of becoming a global power is the greatest threat to US national security, while Russia’s efforts to undermine US influence and portray itself as a major party are also a challenge.

The annual risk assessment report for 2021 includes the views of the US intelligence services on the major external security issues facing President Joe Biden in his first year in office, which was further complicated by the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and global climate change.

The report said that while China and Russia represent the two main challenges, Iran and North Korea remain a source of danger to US national security.

The Intelligence Committee in both the House and Senate will hold meetings, on Wednesday and Thursday, to discuss the report that was sent to Congress.

Avril Haynes, director of domestic intelligence, and William Burns, director of the CIA in the Biden administration, will testify for the first time since their appointment.

The report says that the ruling Chinese Communist Party will intensify “the efforts of the entire government to expand China’s influence, undermine the influence of the United States, and divide Washington and its allies and partners” and enhance acceptance of its authoritarian regime.

Meanwhile, Chinese leaders will “seize opportunities” to de-escalate tensions with the United States when their interests warrant.

The report stated that China has great capabilities to launch cyberattacks, which can at the very least cause limited and temporary disruptions to the vital infrastructure in the United States.

The report added that Russia seeks to undermine US influence and sow discord between Western countries and within Western alliances, and to build capabilities that enable Moscow to “shape global events as a major party.”

He noted that Russia “will continue to be a major cyber threat.”

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