The Israeli army bombed targets in the Gaza Strip
Bombing in Gaza by Israeli forces

Israeli warplanes launched raids in the early hours of Saturday dawn on separate locations in the Gaza Strip, without any injuries reported.

In a statement published on its Twitter account, the Israeli army said that its aircraft launched several raids targeting sites belonging to Hamas, in the Gaza Strip.

The army added that the raids targeted a “training facility, an anti-aircraft missile launch site under development, a factory used to produce concrete for digging tunnels and storing weapons, and an attack tunnel.”


He stated that the raids were in response to a rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.

And the army had previously announced, on Friday evening, that it had detected a rocket-propelled grenade launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israeli settlements.

No party in Gaza has claimed responsibility for the shelling. Hamas also did not issue an immediate response to the strikes.

The Israeli army had also bombed, at dawn yesterday, Friday, sites it said belonged to Hamas in Gaza, without causing any casualties, in response to “the launch of a rocket-propelled grenade.”



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