Belarus - Russia helping military leader Lukashenko remain in power
Photo: The Bell

Lawyer Yury Zenkovich and Belarusian political scientist Alyaksandr Feduta, who were planning a military coup in Minsk on May 9, were detained in Moscow. The suspects in the preparation of the coup in Belarus planned to plunder and appropriate the property of President Alexander Lukashenko.

On Saturday, Lukashenka announced the arrest of a group of people who were preparing an attempt on the life of him and his children. According to the president of the republic, the US special services are involved in this. At the same time, the group included both citizens of Belarus and foreigners.


As reported by the FSB Public Relations Center, in Moscow, in particular, lawyer Yuri Zenkovich, who has dual citizenship of the United States and Belarus, and Belarusian political scientist Alexander Feduta, who were planning a military coup on May 9 in Minsk, were detained. The same group, according to the Belarusian KGB, included the leader of the opposition party Grigory Kostusev, he was detained on the territory of the republic, according to the Vesti Nedeli program on the Russia 1 channel on Sunday, which showed footage of the FSB’s operational footage.

As the TV report says, the generals from among the suspects were called to the inn on the Garden Ring and placed in the VIP room. The conversation began at an empty table. Feduta and Zenkovich immediately announced that their goal was the murder of Lukashenka, the report says.

“Task number 1 is to eliminate the most important thing. Task number 2 – block the internal troops, block the riot police. Task number 3 is to occupy several symbolic objects in the center of the city, including a radio station, television, so that we can read the appeal. And it is desirable to blockade Minsk so that they cannot bring up external troops, ”said Zenkovich, whose words are quoted in the report.

At the meeting at the restaurant Feduta and Zenkovich even brought a list of names of persons holding senior positions in the authorities of Belarus, who were planned to be killed or sent to a concentration camp, the TV report says.

“Because if elections are held now, then Lukashenka will be elected instead of Lukashenka. And it will be the same for another 25 years, ”Zenkovich said at the meeting.

According to the investigation, the suspects planned to involve nationalists from Kiev in preparing the coup, the report says.