The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry has warned that the Metsamor nuclear plant in Armenia is one of the most dangerous nuclear plants around the world, and called on the international community to close it.

And it said in a statement, on Sunday, on the occasion of the anniversary of the explosion of the Chernobyl power plant in Ukraine, that nearly two thousand of its citizens died and 5,000 others were affected by the explosion that occurred in April 1986.


Because of human errors, the Chernobyl power plant witnessed the largest nuclear disaster the world has known, as the reactor exploded, blew up the ceiling weighing 2,000 tons of steel, and released 8 tons of nuclear fuel into the sky.

The statement added that the security of nuclear plants does not only concern the countries hosting them, but also the neighbouring countries.

He called on the international community to reconsider the risks related to the Metsamor nuclear plant in Armenia.

He reported that the Armenian plant was built with the same technology as its ill-fated counterpart in Ukraine.

He pointed out that there are many international reports stating that “Mitsamor” has become one of the most dangerous nuclear plants around the world, due to the old technology and its sensitive location.

In its statement, the Foreign Ministry called for educating the population of the region about the dangers of the Armenian nuclear plant and making efforts to close it.

The Metsamor station raises the concern and resentment of a number of countries for continuing to operate despite the end of its life span, its location in the Agri fault line in eastern Anatolia, and its exposure to damage in the 1988 earthquake, which resulted in human losses in Armenia, as well as its reliance on old technologies in its operation.