Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu called for the implementation of a UN decision to establish an international mechanism to protect the Palestinians, with funding and military contributions from volunteer countries.

This came Sunday, in a speech via video conference during his participation in the meeting of foreign ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which was held virtually.

Cavusoglu added, “The Islamic Ummah is waiting for us to play a leading role, and Turkey is ready to take all necessary steps.”


He explained that Israel is responsible for the escalation in East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and that the prohibition of worship in Al-Aqsa and forcing residents to leave their homes has brought the situation to what it is now.

He pointed out that Israel ignored the warnings and caused a new tragedy in the region, adding: “This is part of Israel’s systematic campaign of ethnic, religious and cultural cleansing.”

Cavusoglu pointed out that the illegal Israeli settlements and the destruction of the property of the Palestinian people have reached great proportions, indicating that if there is no end to these practices, the principle of the two-state solution will become impossible.

He continued, “The Security Council failed again and was not even able to issue a press statement due to the opposition of the United States.”

Cavusoglu confirmed that he would attend the meeting to be organized by the United Nations General Assembly, calling on everyone to make efforts to protect the Palestinian people.

He explained that the repercussions of the Israeli escalation would be followed up in international forums such as the Human Rights Council and UNESCO.

And he added, “In this context, a committee to investigate the situation could be formed at the Human Rights Council, and it is necessary to demand an investigation into violations of international law in the Palestinian territories.”

He stressed that Turkey is continuing its diplomatic efforts at the level of the President of the Republic and the Minister of Foreign Affairs to stop the Israeli attacks, calling on civil organizations to participate in the efforts aimed at calming the situation in Palestine.

He also indicated that Israel targeted workers in the media sector.

And he added, “We have to do more than issue statements. The international community is charged with protecting Palestinian civilians, and the responsibility of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation is great in this regard.”

He stressed the need to make more efforts to establish an international protection mechanism to protect Palestinian civilians, in accordance with the United Nations General Assembly resolution issued in 2018.

Çavuşolu said that it is possible to establish this mechanism with financial and military contributions from the volunteer countries.

He indicated that Israel should be held responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity, calling on the International Criminal Court to play an effective role in this regard.

It also called for effective support for elections and social consensus in Palestine.

He continued, “The efforts at normalization with Israel will strengthen Tel Aviv. We must be clear and stand on the right side of history, and protect humanity and justice.”

Since Monday, the situation has become tenser, with Israel launching aggression with aircraft and artillery against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, resulting in 181 martyrs, including 52 children and 31 women, in addition to 1225 wounded, according to a statement by the Palestinian Ministry of Health today, Sunday.

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