Russian and US Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden will meet on June 15-16 in Geneva, Switzerland. This is reported by the American television channel CNN, citing sources in the White House.

“Officials from the Biden administration said that Geneva has been finalized as the host city for a long-debated meeting between the two leaders, who are expected to meet on June 15-16 at the end of Biden’s first overseas trip,” the statement said.

The fact that the leaders of the two powers may meet in Geneva was previously reported by the NBC television channel, also citing sources in the administration of the American president.

Biden will be in Europe in mid-June. From the 11th to the 13th, London will host a summit of heads of state – members of the G7. And on June 14, a NATO meeting will take place in Brussels.

Biden proposed to Putin to hold a personal meeting in a third country. He did this during a telephone conversation between the presidents, which took place on April 13.

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