The people of China reacted very jealously to the steps of Lithuania related to the PRC’s policy in the Xinjiang region. International human rights organizations accuse Beijing of massive persecution of Uighurs, groundless placement in prisons and educational camps. The steps of the official Vilnius related to this issue caused indignation in the Celestial Empire. Readers of Huangqiu Shibao called Lithuania a “booger country” and wished it to be crushed like a beetle.

Readers were outraged by the publication ( translated by InoSMI) that Lithuania announced its withdrawal from the 17 + 1 cooperation mechanism between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and China. At the same time, the Lithuanian parliament approved a resolution in which China’s policy in Xinjiang is called “genocide” and “a crime against human rights.”

The publication notes that Lithuania fully supports the US policy and therefore previously demonstrated anti-Russian sentiments, and now anti-Chinese. At the same time, the media recalled that in March Lithuania announced that it would open a representative office in Taiwan, which is also a sensitive issue for China.


The author of the material recommends “blocking Lithuania completely”, pretending that such a country does not exist. But the readers of the publication turned out to be harsher in their judgments.

“Another little dog country that doesn’t know when to yap!” Wrote one of them.

“Pf, such a booger country,” the second reader reacted.

“It is not surprising that this small country, this pea jester, was wiped off the face of the earth by neighboring countries again and again,” said another user.

“According to the laws of the history of mankind, Lithuania, an ugly little country that does not know the heights of the world and hates almost all its neighbors, will sooner or later be destroyed,” the next participant in the discussion said.

“If this booger country makes Russia angry, it will simply disappear,” suggested the user under the nickname Huanqiu.

“Lithuania is just a bug, it bites slightly, but then itches very much. It is best to crush it with your foot,” added another reader.

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