Tarek Fatah, a filthy vendor of BJP agenda and a fake news peddler
Photo credit: ET Bureau

Tarek Fatah who claims to be a friend of India during the present BJP rule has turned into the worst propagandist against the Canadian government and its ministers especially when one of the Canadian MPs, Jagmeet Singh condemned the recent planned killing of a Muslim family, a result of Islamophobia in the Canadian society.

Fatah in his recent article “FATAH: Muslims not safe in Canada? Nonsense” published in the Toronto Sun wrote, “NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh appears to have found the right chords to curry the Muslim vote.” This reaction by Tarek Fatah is the response to a Canadian MP, Jagmeet Singh who condemned an attack in which 4 members of a Muslim family died.


BBC reported this premeditated attack on a Muslim family quoting Det Supt Paul Waight, “It is believed that these victims were targeted because they were Muslim”.

“Two women – aged 74 and 44 – a 46-year-old man and a 15-year-old girl were all killed. They have not been named, in accordance with the wishes of the family. A nine-year-old boy was in hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries, said police,” wrote BBC.

Tarek Fatah rather than condemning the attack on this Muslim family attacked Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh for his remarks against the Canadian killer and hate crimes in Canada.

Tarek Fatah, a born Pakistani, is an infamous name in India due to his discriminatory remarks and speeches against the integration within Indian society. Tarek, when came to India from Canada, achieved a big success after he shook hands and run his KKK agenda powered by the BJP, the ruling party in India. He is sometimes called by national televisions too for his derogatory remarks against Muslims in India. His presence on many news televisions and debates attracts a high ranking in TRP. Though Tarek always claimed that he is not against Islam but he successfully gained his position as an anti-Muslim in India due to his Islamophobic attitude.

This time when a Canadian Muslim family is killed due to the same behavior Tarek is promoting in India, he jumped his wall and opted for another side. A decrease in popularity in India made him anxious. Now, he is again moved his interest in Canadian issues or creating chaos in Canada as his plans went against his wills in India.

Tarek, in his article published in the Toronto Sun, questioned the Canadian MP in a way as he did not like the condemnation of this heinous crime against a Canadian family.


Pooja Chaudhuri’s article in the Print [India] exposed Tarek’s Islamophobic attitude. She mentioned an event where Tarek Fatah made laughter about a lady wearing a hijab and compared her with the ladies protesting against the draconian Citizen Amendment Act 2019 in India. Tarek posted on Twitter “Could someone confirm if this video is from the #CAA_NRCProtests at #ShaheenBagh or not?”

Tarek is a narcissist and wants at least some people to praise him even at the cost of losing publicity on the other side. Right now he just wants to remain in the eyes of some top BJP leaders who support and power his agenda which in turn becomes a “divide and rule” agenda for them.

Tarek questioned Jagmeet Singh about the Ahmadiyya Muslims which is very irrelevant as they enjoy complete freedom of faith which in many Islamist countries they can not.

Tarek said, “..you should meet my Shia Muslim in-laws..”.

This time Tarek expressed his intentions in a way that make him a double agent in India. Tarek is an opportunist. Wherever he finds the best opportunity he simply jumps in and this what makes him a true narcissist.


The way Tarek appears in India it seems he is being operated by some anti-India powers like Pakistan. And why not Pakistan? after all it is Pakistan that wants to target the integrity of Indians. It has been observed many times and reported by many news agencies and journalists for his fake news peddling.

Tarek is now willing to disturb Canadians and Canadian politics by means of propagating fake news. He is a writing fellow of the Middle-East forum from where he receives thousands of dollars every month. But what he does is promoting fake content and fake references from Urdu books which obviously many English-speaking people can’t read. This trick makes him a serious fellow of evil nexus promoting Islamophobia.

Jagmeet Singh condemned the planned killing of a Canadian family and this hurt Tarek Fatah. It is sad.

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