Sputnik V

The Gamaleya Institute of Russia, the creator of the Sputnik V vaccine against the coronavirus, assured that it is the most efficient against the Delta strain, whose spread is causing concern in the world.

Sputnik Vaccine

“SputnikV is more efficient against the Delta variant of the coronavirus, first detected in India than any other vaccine that has published results on this strain so far,” the official vaccine account on Twitter stated. In the post, they assure that the Gamaleya Center will publish the study in an international peer-reviewed journal.

In this sense, studies carried out in the United Kingdom confirmed the efficacy of at least two vaccines against the Delta strain. According to Public Health Institute England (PHE), two doses of Pfizer / 96% BionTech protects against hospitalizations due to Delta variant, while Oxford / AstraZeneca provides an efficiency of 92%.

These are “results comparable to the efficacy of the vaccine in preventing hospitalization related to the Alpha variant”, which appeared in December in England.

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